meniu angielskie
Our adventure with dogs bagan in the year 1996
and wolfhound POCAHONTAS Wind Compostion which at the age of two became Polish Champion.
Deerhounds joined us in the year 2000 after our visit at Cruft in Birmingham,

we brought them from a prestigious German kennel "von der Oelmuehle" which we still cooperate with.
At the moment we live with wolfhounds and deerhounds which we breed and show. We also owned chart polski BEHEMOT Arcturus (World Winner'06, Polish Champion), beagle bitch ALICE AT FESTINA Xandrina and whippet Hammonds MASQUERADE of Oelmuehle (Polish Champion)
Our dogs are our companions, members of our family and we cannot imagine life without them. Some of them won prestigious shows among them are:
GEISHA Festina (interchampion,  Polish, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia Champion, multi BOG & BIS winner)
LARGO LAMAZ Festina (European Winner'14, Interchampion, Polish, Lithuania, Czech Champion)
ANGIE Festina (Interchampion, Polish, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovakia Champion).
The year 2008 was very important for our kennel and family. In spring I passed the exams and became FCI Judge for all breeds in group X. In autumn our son Tymon was born. Fortunately he also loves dogs and going for shows. Everyday before leaving for school he greets each dog separately and in the evening before going to bed he says good night to them.
On our website we are also presenting my other passion – horses. Among all the horses preented the closest to my heart is WENDARINN. Riding on her I passed gold riding badge
and sport licence. I hope she will accompany me on many jumping and dressage tournaments for a long time.
All people sharing our love for dogs and horses are welcomed to visit our website, leaving notes in our guest book and visiting us at home.


with "FESTINA" deerhounds & wolfhounds

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